Our alpacas know the words… But they’d rather HMMM

Living close to Nashville, TN, you just can’t help but get caught up in the music. And there’s real “country music” at Hickory Bluff Farms with our colorful band of huacaya alpacas in all 16 colors humming and dancing about.

Check out the picture albums below to see our loving alpacas in the heart of Tennessee doing what they do best…acting like alpacas. You’ll find our pricing very competitive whether you’re looking for a startup herd or adding some new bloodlines to your existing alpaca family.

We have eight distinct bloodlines available to offer you a wide selection of unrelated alpacas. Our breeding selection is based on superior conformation and fleece qualities, as well as for disposition. Our alpacas have given us several generations of award winning alpacas and fleeces, but the best outcome has been the superior reproductive and nurturing abilities passed on to the crias.

Meeting our alpacas in person is the best, so we’d love to have you come for a visit. Hickory Bluff Farms is a working family farm, so please call before you come to arrange for an appointment. Call us at 615-444-4765 or email hickorybluffalpacas@comcast.net

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