Our History
Hickory Bluff Farms has been home to award winning huacaya alpacas since 1998, growing from 5 females and 3 males to our current herd of over 50. We like having our herd at 50 alpacas, and we have maintained that number for the last 5 years. Click on Our Alpacas to learn more about the individuals and their personalities and achievements.

Our Beliefs
We believe in the future of the alpaca business as a viable livestock industry in the US. We have invested in and continue to breed for strong livestock with excellent conformation and fiber that is suited to our climate in Tennessee and the Southeast. We believe that the comfort and health of our alpacas is priority We are committed to continuing education for ourselves and our customers about the wonderful breed that is the US Alpaca.

Our Facilities 
Our facilities were built with alpacas in mind. Two years of research and thinking about how an alpaca would like to live went into the plans before we built the barns. Comfortable stalls, abundant pasture, and sturdy fencing all provide a safe haven for alpacas who have room to frolic and play. The versatility of the barn areas allows segregation of animals as needed, and ease of working with the alpacas for breeding, birthing, training and animal health care. We know you’ll love our alpacas, but you might get some ideas for your own barn and pasture layout when you visit us.

Alpaca Fiber 
If you’re in a quandary about what to do with the fiber from alpacas, we can answer a lot of questions!  For several years we were co-owners of a processing mill specializing in processing alpaca fiber to roving and yarns. We’ve now moved on to hand crafted weaving with all that yarn, as well has commissioning our yarn to be made into heavy duty socks.

We don’t stop at yarn from Hickory Bluff Alpacas. Just click on the Alpaca Store button to see what we do with all that glorious fiber.  Come shop with us for wonderful garments, yarn and fiber from our own award winning alpacas as well as carefully selected high quality garments imported from Peru. 

The Hickory Bluff Farms Difference 

The difference at Hickory Bluff Farms? We are nuts about alpacas! (And we get a little nuttier every day.) So, ya’ll come for a visit and sit a spell, watch the alpaca show, and maybe take home a little “country music” for yourself.   

Visits by appointment only
Call us or email us to arrange a time.  

Bill and Ruth Fuqua 

 Farm Phone: 615-444-4765 
 Email:  hickorybluffalpacas@comcast.net