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Hickory Bluff Farms
Bill and Ruth Fuqua
7236 Lebanon Road
Mount Juliet, TN
Phone 615-444-4765
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Hickory Bluff Farms is home to over 50 Huacaya alpacas in the heart of the rolling hills of Tennessee. Living this close to Nashville, you can't help but get caught up in the music. There 's real country music at Hickory Bluff Farms, with our colorful "band" of alpacas in all 16 colors humming and dancing about. Our alpacas know the words, but they'd rather HMMMMM.

With over 50 alpacas in the pasture, two barns built just for alpacas, and alpaca store filled with yarn and garments, what's not to love?
Each animal receives daily personal attention, which has resulted in easy to handle, well dispositioned alpacas. Combining superior nutrition and health care with careful consideration to breeding, our alpacas bless us with excellent fleece and beautiful babies each year, helping us to achieve our goal of continued improvement in our herd. Click on the Ask Samari button to learn some of the things we do, and click on Our Alpacas to see some of our favorite pictures of our alpacas just being alpacas.


We have learned have learned a lot since we began our alpaca adventure in 1998, and we'll share the things we have learned, both the pleasure and pitfalls. But mostly, you'll hear about and see for yourself the joys of alpaca ownership.

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